Android Text Messaging from Mac & PC

Send & Receive Android SMS text messages from your Mac and PC using the AirText app.

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All communication between your Android phone and computer is encrypted. You can read more about our security policies here.


When you receive a text message on your Android phone, AirText instantly syncs it to your computer.


AirText has native apps for each platform: macOS, Windows, Android Tablet & iPad.

A must-have app for Android users

AirText securely syncs Android SMS text messages to your Mac and PC. Send & Receive Android text messages from your computer, using the beautiful & native AirText app.


    Get native notifications on your computer when you receive a text message on your Android phone


    You have access to the complete list of standard emoji. Choose from four different Emoji sets, or define your own custom Emoji


    Your Android contact list appears on AirText app, so you can start a new conversation with any of your Android contacts right from your computer

What customers are saying about AirText

“Was looking for a reliable alternative to PushBullet. AirText does a great job of syncing text messages to the desktop app allowing me to quickly reply without having to take my phone out of my pocket or off my desk.”

Obi O.

“I have been using a few of the MDRS texting products and this is by far the best one. A reliable way to text from one's android on a mac. The native mac app is well designed and easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone who has an android but is a loyal mac computer user.”

Tyler Kapustka

"Great app! Was looking for something like this and I finally found something that's as visually appealing and functional on macOS”

Ryan Bender

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To get started, you first need to download the AirText android app from the Google Play Store and sign-in with your Google account.

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Once your are signed-in on your phone, you can download the AirText client app for your operating system from the Download Section below.


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    macOS    Windows

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